Money Souq

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Exhibitor Information

Who can exhibit at Moneysouq?
One company from each of the following financial services per exhibition

  • Insurance (Car, health, travel, life)
  • Mortgage
  • Offshore Tax
  • Wealth Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Pension Planning
  • Credit Cards
  • Commodity Broking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Online Payment Systems

If you want to sell your financial products to your customer, the Moneysouq concept will fit in with both your marketing strategy and audience profile, offering an amazingly cost-effective route direct to the consumer.

Where will Moneysouq take place?
  • In shopping malls across the UAE, starting in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
  • The Moneysouq Exhibition will be situated in the main atrium of the mall, where you will capture your audience through the massive footfall that passes by
The Stands
  • There will be 14-20 state-of-the-art exhibition shell stands selected on a non-competitive basis
  • These ultra-modern stands will come in 2 sizes:
    o 2.6m x 1m
    o 1.75m x 1m
  • Pick the stand type and position you want and dress it with your own brand material