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MoneySouq 2012, North Galleria Mall of the Emirates

Client Feedback

Thank you for participating in the MoneySouq 2012 Exhibition in Mall of the Emirates. Please answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability. We will use your feedback to determine how we can improve our future events.

The entire survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

1.What is your overall satisfaction rating of The MoneySouq event?

very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
somewhat dissatisfied
very dissatisfied

2.How satisfied were you with our team’s overall performance pre-event, during the event and post-event?

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neutral Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied


3.How would you rate the Mall of the Emirates as a venue for MoneySouq?

above average
below average
not so good

4.How would you rate the North Galleria in Mall of the Emirates as a location for MoneySouq?

above average
below average
not so good

5.In which Mall would you like to see a MoneySouq event take place? Please number 1 - 8, With 1 being your first choice and 8 being your last.

6.Was the MoneySouq event better, worse or exactly what you expected?

So much better
Slightly better
About what was expected
Slightly worse
So much worse

7.What are the positive and negative features you have experienced during the MoneySouq? Please enter as many comments as you wish.

8.How interested are you in being a part of MoneySouq again?

Very interested
Somewhat interested
Neither interested nor uninterested
Slightly interested
Not interested at

9.Overall, what would be your most important factors for participating in MoneySouq in the future? Please choose your top 3.

MoneySouq app
Length of the event
Time of year

10.And finally, any other comments, ideas and suggestions? We would love to know!